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I spent four years working towards Law school when I suddenly found a passion for writing. Writing as a creative outlet soon turned into blogging, which turned into social media marketing, which led to freelance writing, social media management, and a full-time blog. Most recently, my love for writing has turned into publishing a fiction novel. 

I have close to 4 years of experience writing both creatively and professionally. My work has been featured in various online magazines, blogs, small businesses, and social media accounts. I am also working towards my Creative Writing and English degree.

As much as I love to write, I take my writing very seriously. I never leave a job half-done, and every project has my full attention and talent. I will treat your project as my project and I'll work with you until your desires have become a reality. 




September 2015 - Present

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August 2011 - Present

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January 2018 - Present





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