five spooky (but not scary) toddler Halloween books

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five spooky (but not scary) toddler Halloween books

by Brandi Little

A very happy beginning of October, friends! Even though this month is the beginning of the holiday craze, I look forward to it every year! Pumpkins, apples, ghosts - oh my!

My daughter is just as big of a fan of the holidays as I am, especially Halloween and Christmas! Well-rounded Christmas books are pretty simple to come by, but I find that I have a harder time with Halloween books. Either they story too spooky for my toddler or the pictures would give me nightmares.

But this year, I’ve done all the hard work for you! I went to the library and sifted through a good chunk of their Halloween books, and compiled a list of all those I recommend for your toddler this Halloween.


“Slide and Find” SPOOKY || There’s not too many words in this book, but that’s okay because the “slides” make up for it! Filled with 16 “spooky” slide and finds, your toddler can use their counting, matching, and deciphering skills to find the answer behind the slides. There is only one thing I warn about: there is a picture of an actual spider in the book. My daughter has never batted an eye at it, but some of your toddlers might!

Five Little Pumpkins || I will admit, this story doesn’t make much sense to me, haha! But my three-year-old loves the pictures and we count the five little pumpkins on each page to add a little more education to the book. Short and sweet, it’s also perfect for beginning readers!

Mouse’s First Halloween || This book is SO fun to read! Lilli gets a kick out of hearing me try the sound effects of Halloween night. If your kiddo is especially prone to the scares of Halloween night, this book may be a good option. It talks about some of the elements of Halloween that are scary (bats, rustling leaves at night, etc.) and makes them into something joyful!

Mickey’s Halloween || Attention Mickey Mouse fans! This is one of Lilli’s favorite Halloween books because it has the flaps to lift, which she just loves. There’s also an educational aspect to it, like counting and deciphering skills, that are perfect for toddlers.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown || I don’t think I need to say much about this classic, do I?! This book is perfect to read around the same time you and your toddler watch the movie to see if they can spy the similarities and the differences!

What books do your toddlers love to read around Halloween time? I’d love to find some new ones for my three-year-old!

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