Book Launch Team

34 days until "One Step Forward" releases! That means I have 34 days to reach as many people as I can with the news.


I need your help.


I'm on the hunt for my book launch team! What does this mean?

  • I need a team that is dedicated to promoting both me and my book.
  • Members of my book launch team would post on social media about the release of my book, share posts related to my book, and help me reach as many people as I can about the release!
  • Positions on a book launch team are unpaid, BUT you'll receive a FREE copy of my book in paperback format!

If you're interested in joining my book launch team, please email me at or fill out the contact form on my website. Please include your name, why you want to be a part of my book launch team, and the social media channels you would promote on.

**Please note: I have limited spots on my book launch team, so please don't be offended if you are not chosen at this time. Don't worry - this is the first but not the last book that I'll publish! ;)


Talk soon!